Wildfire Relief Donation


    On September 9th, 2020, our farm team was awoken in the middle of the night to Level 3 evacuation orders (“Go Now”) as the Slater Fire approached our farm and family homes. We are grateful that our team has been evacuated from the area and everyone is safe. The fire has remained around 1 mile away from our farm, but remains touch and go every day with any shift in the direction of the winds.
    We’re extremely thankful for the support and caring messages we’ve received, which have included requests for the ability to donate to the farm. We’ve added this option, and donated funds will be used to support our continuing family-run operations and repair any damages caused by the Slater fire to our farm in Takilma, Oregon. Any donations in excess will be used to aid in the recovery of our neighbors and local community.
    Thank you deeply for your continued support!

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